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Christina Kenon​ & Jerry Mac​


In a house dominated by testosterone, Christina Kenon is the Queen of her realm. She is a military spouse and mother of three young men, Antonio (21), Xavier (19), and Donovan (17). Even her pets are males. Christina is known for her RBF, but if you get to know her, there is more than meets the eye. She enjoys long, demoralizing, and painful runs. She’s always up for the challenge of proving the notion “mind over matter.” For fun, Christina likes karaoke, dancing, and meeting new people.  The Cheshire Cat is her favorite Alice in Wonderland character and her favorite dancer is Jennifer Lopez. Christina’s favorite flower is the Columbine and her favorite plant is the Butterfly Bush. PRESSED- A Creative Space and The Wine Cafe are two of Christina’s favorite local businesses. She would love to see Lexi Hasapis and LaVar Wright dance together in next year’s Dancing With the Fayetteville Stars. Christina will be dancing with her friend, Jerry McDonald.

Jerry McDonald (known as Jerry Mac) is the father of two little girls and the owner of a marketing and advertising company called Only N Door. He studied music in college and worked in the restaurant industry for twelve years. “I escaped with my life to start a new career,” Jerry says, “my ninja skills include picking chairs to raise money for Kids Peace Foster Care and helping small businesses succeed.” Jerry is excited to dance in Dancing With the Fayetteville stars because he has been a huge fan of Alice in Wonderland since he was a kid. “And I want to see if I still have my dance moves from my younger days!” Jerry’s favorite Alice in Wonderland character is the Mad Hatter, and his favorite dancer is Justin Timberlake. Jerry’s favorite flower is the hibiscus because they are virtually indestructible and Paddy’s Irish Pub is his favorite local business because they are also virtually indestructible. When asked who he would like to see dance next year, Jerry said, “This is an easy one….MAYOR NAT ROBERTSON.”