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Crystal AJ Styles​


Crystal Styles is a single mother of three and the Owner of AnnJae Styles and Company where she is a professional hair, makeup artist, and a costume designer. Crystal loves karaoke, volunteering in outreach, and everything artistic. Crystal has a special understanding of CEED’s mission and the Housing Program is something that is close to her heart. Last year, Crystal went through a devastating time during her divorce. Handling family issues became priority and her business was inactive. The financial situation became difficult very fast and Crystal and her children faced homelessness. She knows what it is like to be a family in need. Even though she is still in transition, she realized the opportunity to participate in Dancing With the Fayetteville Stars was something positive that she could do for others in her situation. If she can help one family in need, it will all be worth it. Crystal’s favorite Alice in Wonderland character is the White Rabbit and her favorite flower is the rose. Her favorite dancer is Yanis Marshall. Crystal’s favorite local business is Pierro’s Italian Bistro. Next year, she would love to see Mayor Nat Robertson dance!