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Belles - Hollenbeck

Debbie Belles & Georgia Hollenbeck


Georgia Hollenbeck has been married for 26 years. She has 3 children and 2 grandchildren. Georgia will be dancing with Debbie Belles in Dancing With the Fayetteville Stars for the 3rd year in a row! Just 10 short years ago, Georgia discovered her love of dancing while trying to find a way to stay fit. Her favorite Alice in Wonderland Character is the Cheshire Cat. Her favorite sports teams are the Detroit Lions or Tigers. The concrete jungle is her favorite type of landscape, so she’s not really into flowers. Reliable Signs is her favorite local business. She would like to see anyone with a passion to help our community dance next year.

Debbie Belles, a military veteran with the 82nd Airborne Division remained in this community with her veteran husband Les after leaving the military. They opened a company Reliable Signs and Contracting ( and have been in business for several years. Debbie is also a member and dancer of Shadows of the Fire Belly Dance Troupe and Transfusion Fire Arts. After getting involved with dancing she then started doing some costume designs and launched an online Etsy store Punch Monkey Designs ( She has 5 beautiful grandkids with one on its way and 3 fabulous cats that have her trained real well. Her favorite Alice in Wonderland character is the “Queen” of course. If she had to pick a favorite plant or flower it would be a cactus…. it can be beautiful yet will get ya if you get too touchy. This is Debbie’s 9th year participating in this event.