Vote For Dancers


Roland Bersch Jr. & Yoshi Pecoraro​


Yoshi Pecoraro 78 years old and just started dancing a 3 years ago. Yoshi volunteers at the ASYMCA (Armed Services YMCA). During the Holidays, she helps wrap presents for the Holiday Hearts program and has donated hundreds of hours to the Baby Bundles program. Yoshi is a dedicated servant to her community who plans to woo you all as she performs the Waltz with her instructor, Roland. She describes herself as active and is thankful to be participating in this year’s event!

Roland Bersch, Jr (aka Roland Senior) Roland is a dance instructor at Roland’s Dance Studio. Roland will be 86 years old in May and has been dancing for 63 years! He spends most of his time teaching dance and preparing for competitions. Roland LOVES what he does! He has been participating in Dancing With the Fayetteville Stars for several years, and is thankful for his vitality that allows him to keep doing what he loves!