Vote For Dancers

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Wes Faulk & Chessica Logue


Wes Faulk is a single father to his awesome son Connor. He loves sports and is a Sales Manager for Parkview – Distiguished Downtown Living, across from the the Airborne & Special Operation Museum. Wes is one of only 3 Fayetteville realtors to achieve top designation (MIRM) from the National Homebuilder’s Association. Edric Williams, Dancing With the Fayetteville Stars Emcee, told Wes about the opportunities that CEED provides to the Fayetteville community. Immediately, Wes knew that he wanted to be involved, but he admits that dancing has required a little bit of peer pressure! His favorite Alice in Wonderland character is the Cheshire Cat because he always smiles until he fades away and his favorite dancer is Michael Jackson. The rose is Wes’s favorite flower. His favorite local business is H&H Homes ( Next year, he would like to see Ralph and Linda Huff dance!

Chessica Logue is a Fayetteville native and proud mother of a beautiful seven year old daughter, Brooke. She is a partner dentist at the best dental office in Fayetteville, Hedgecoe Dentistry. Her practice won the Fayetteville Observer Reader’s Choice Award for 2014, 2015, and 2016! She is a Meredith College Angel and for Dental School she is a Tarheel. Chessica is energetic, caring, crafty, and loves her community! Chessica and Wes were asked to participate in Dancing With the Fayetteville Stars while they were at the downtown Candlelight Loft Tour. Once they learned about the event and the mission of CEED the answer was obvious. “I love Fayetteville!” Chessica said, “The opportunity to help people who have fallen on hard times get the resources they need to get back on their feet speaks to me.” Chessica’s favorite Alice in Wonderland character is the Cheshire Cat because. “I relate most as a Chessica, and with that big grin! I want to continue to, “Smile until I fade away.” As a dentist smiles radiate health and happiness!” Chessica’s favorite dancer is Usher and her favorite flower is the daffodil. Hedgecoe Dentistry is her favorite local business. Next year, Chessica would like to see Danielle and Shawn Wolfe dance!