Pretlow D’Allen

11 Feb

Don’t Stop Don’t Quit Fitness, known as DSDQ, is a gym that has been open since 2014. DSDQ’s mission is to make fitness accessible and convenient for everyone, especially first responders, the military, and teachers. Their philosophy is simple – making being fit fun and entertaining for the entire family. DSDQ is a family orientated wellness center and recognizes without health, nothing else really matters. Pretlow D’Allen’s goal is to build a healthier community – one person and family at a time.

Pretlow has created an atmosphere of self-love at DSDQ. He helps clients get into the mindset of no excuse, prioritizing themselves, and loving themselves. Taking the time to focus on you and create a better you is the ultimate goal. Don’t Stop Don’t Quit Fitness offers high-intensity boot camps, ACFT Training Program, CrossFit training, All American Athletes next Level Training Camps, and Marathon Training for triathletes.

In addition to owning DSDQ and actively working with clients, Pretlow D’Allen is a community leader. He has partnered with organizations such as Cumberland County Schools to speak on investing in yourself and leading a better lifestyle. 

Covid-19 has been challenging for all small business owners, but especially for those in the health and fitness industry. Lockdowns and restrictions have forced closings and unique situations for gyms owners. Don’t Stop Don’t Quit was no exception, yet Pretlow rolled with the punches and did the covid pivot to keep DSDQ open. Switching from group sessions to one-on-one training has created a shift in his business model, that changed DSDQ for the better and allowed him to get back to his roots – the way he started DSDQ – with one idea in mind, to help create a better “you.”

Pretlow received access to capital through the CEED Capital Loan Program and the City of Fayetteville Covid-19 relief grant. These funding sources allowed him to keep DSDQ open during the worst times of the pandemic, and continue to move into 2021. Now that things seem to be improving in both Fayetteville and the state of North Carolina, business has picked back up, and DSDQ will continue to be operational. Pretlow needs to hire two additional employees to help deal with demand, creating growth for both his business and the community.

Pretlow hops to continue to improve the lives of individuals seeking a more fit lifestyle here in Fayetteville. He also hopes to continue to do more community involvement as things go back to their pre-pandemic normal. He is grateful to CEED and the community for getting his business to where it’s at now, and for all the successes he’s had and wants to continue to give back.

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