Kamdan Cleaning Solutions

17 Aug

Carlos and Lillie Godwin founded Kamdan Cleaning Solutions in 2019, a commercial cleaning company that offers premier cleaning services and a passion for maintaining the cleanliness and safety of our community. Like many entrepreneurs that come through the Women’s Business Center, Carlos created his vision for Kamdan Cleaning Solutions out of necessity. 

Carlos decided to establish his company after his last employer shut down and went through a major layoff. His life’s career goal was to stay with the company until retirement, but the layoff triggered an instability of corporate America within Carlos. Instead of looking for a new job he saw this as a prime opportunity to start his own business.

CEED was instrumental in providing resources to start and scale Kamdan Cleaning Solutions. “One of the ways WBCFay was able to assist me was helping me identify my niche in the cleaning industry and focusing on it to grow my business,” says Carlos. 

CEED was also able to refer Carlos to a bookkeeping service to sort out his business taxes after a previous company had lost his records. Carlos was able to order transcripts and recreate his tax returns to explain what went wrong. Since the correction, Carlos has been able to apply for several funding opportunities with CEED.

Carlos worked closely with CEED loan officer Stuart to help him complete his first loan application. Once approved Carlos was able to secure a CEED loan to secure necessary supplies and equipment.

“Stuart does a great job of communicating the loan process to his clients. CEED’s resources help debunk the fear surrounding the loan application for first-time entrepreneurs like myself.” 

In the last two years, Kamdan Cleaning Solutions has created more than ten jobs and looks to add even more in the next year. WBCFay is excited to see Kamdan Cleaning Solutions expand and further its mission of creating a clean and beautiful Fayetteville!

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